4 thoughts on “CASCADE FALLS TV

  1. OK Bruce… so you know I have to comment on this. You are one funny guy, but you truly could not have staged an interview like this one. All I have to do now is read the last page of your book and I’ll have the entire story! 🙂 As a seasoned interviewer of books (and their authors), I find this to be hilarious! Please don’t post if you’re offended by this; that is not my intent. You are the best!

    • Linda! Of course, I am not offended. Glad you could appreciate my efforts to take the interview away from plot points and toward theme. Connie Martinson is actually an LA treasure — she tapes three shows back to back and remembers every plot point of each book — and she’s been doing this for a zillion years. She’s quite remarkable and is a tireless supporter of authors, libraries and readers. For that, you forgive a few spoilers…


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