I was happily tuned in to my customized Leonard Cohen station when what should appear in the right hand side of the frame?

…an advertisement for….

As the music of one of the great ladies’ men of all time fills the room, Pandora somehow feels it appropriate to pair this with dick hardener for the elderly.   After which pops up an ad for brain teasers and memory exercises.

Somehow, the personal information that has been fed to their site has left them with the impression that those of us who listen to an artist whose genius has extended to his eighth decade are somehow soft and feeble.  In an effort to correct this, Pandora, I want you to know that I am in the market for a new…

…and my trunk is filled with…

Please keep this in mind when marketing to me and the rest of Mr. Cohen’s fans.


  1. Hello Bruce,

    This is Steve Callas, Elliot Shoenman’s business manager. I clicked on this link because Elliot forwarded it along with the info about the Disney lawsuit on Home Improvement. I love your hilarious take on Pandora/ Leonard Cohen. However, I will take a different approach and say Pandora is genius beyond belief. How about the lyrics from “Crazy To Love You?”

    I’m tired of choosing desire.
    I’ve been saved by a blessed fatigue.

    OR: from “I Caught the Darkness”:

    There hasn’t been much lovin ‘yet
    But that’s always been your call.
    I don’t miss it baby.
    I have no taste for anything at all.

    • Just saw your email Steve — you bring up a good point! Hope all is well, and that we continue to benefit from Wind Dancer’s battles with the evil Disney empire!!!


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