Elevating Overman: a novel

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This review is from: Elevating Overman: a novel (Paperback)

This is one of those books that you pick up and don’t want it to end. Ira Overman had lived his life as a loser, mostly because he believed himself to be a loser. That realization was ingrained in him from his parents and enforced by an incident that happened to him when he was a teenager.Overman decides to go for Lasik surgery to correct his vision. After the surgery, Overman’s increased vision causes him to look at the world and himself in a whole new light. This instills a new confidence in him and then all of a sudden possible “powers” start to emerge where he is able to get women to be attracted to him and get traffic on the freeway to clear out of his way.Overman can now easily beat in tennis, his friend/nemesis Rosenfarb, who previously used to thrash Overman every time they played. Overman confesses to Rosenfarb that something has changed within him letting him do things he never could do before and proves to Rosenfarb that he can do these things. Rosenfarb immediately believes Overman to have “super powers” and starts to worship him as a superhero.The book is written in a very fun and hilarious manner and continues with Overman intent on righting all the wrongs of his life and helping others that he had either alienated or hurt. All through the book Overman keeps evolving his personality to a very caring and understanding individual and this is what he hopes to develop more while Rosenfarb wants him to develop his super hero powers. The author keeps the reader guessing through most of the book as to whether all the powers are really Overman’s improved self-confidence or are actual “powers.”I couldn’t put this book down and my only disappointment with it was that this book had to end. I was lucky to have the author send me a review copy, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have known about this book but now I want to spread the word that this book is an excellent and fun read! It should not be missed!