One thought on “TODAY’S THE DAY!

  1. Regrettably I was on the road and longing for some sort of teleportation contrivance on Elevating Overman Day, therefore I missed the festivities in my area. I propose that Elevating Overman Day should, at the very least, be revised and extended to include the entire month of June. In fact, if there were ever to be a year dedicated to Elevating Overman, 2012 seems an excellent choice. Who’s gonna object to a little elevation in an election year? And if an Elevating Overman Decade improves on Senator Franken’s fine work then an Elevating Overman Century has got to be a substantial step up from the 20th, in which we sought to see just how many people we could eliminate in a 100 year period. What if Elevating Overman is really what life is all about? Just a simple Jewish gentleman with modest superpowers, how could that change the world?


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