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It is my pleasure to present the cover of my long-in-the-works anthology, THE WAY WE WORK: ON THE JOB IN HOLLYWOOD, to be published July 9 by Rare Bird Books. The collection is an often humorous, sometimes horrifying, testament to the talent and grit required of those who choose a career in entertainment. As the “producer” of this endeavor, my mandate was to assemble a top-notch crew of contributors who, through their individual mini-memoirs, would adeptly represent the myriad facets of the business.

Contributors include Gabrielle Union, JJ Abrams, Robert Towne, and many more.

THE WAY WE WORK is broken down into nine different sections, each one focusing on a particular aspect of working in Hollywood. Here are the chapters, and the folks you’ll be meeting within…

THE STORY: Robert Towne, Seth Freeman, JJ Abrams, David Kukoff

THE ICON: Nancy Nigrosh, Billy Van Zandt, Stu Goldman

THE SUIT: David Neuman, Charles Freericks, Steve Gordon

THE SANDBOX: Deborah Barylski, Chris Rock, Gabrielle Union, James Morrison, Bernie Kopell, Rena Strober

THE SHOOT: Herb Adelman, John McNaughton, Rocky Lang, Maria Berry

THE PICTURE: Steven Fierberg, Steven Cohen, Michael Polcino

THE SOUND: Dan Foliart, Dylan Berry, Kenn Fuller, Matt Knudsen, Steve Mann

THE SUPPORT: Catherine Cobb, Glenda Rovello, Katie Sparks, Cathy Pittman, Rob Zylowski, Nadyne T. Hicks, Roxanne Baker-Sarver, Christy Jacobs

THE STRUGGLE: Roberto Loiederman, Elliot Shoenman, Roy Teicher, Lloyd Garver, Bruce Ferber

They’ve done great work, both in their careers and in the pages of this book. PRE-ORDER NOW AT…

2 thoughts on “COMING TO A BOOKSTORE (and the finest of Internet sites) NEAR YOU!

    • And now you see why! Thanks for ordering, Lil. This was a fun one to put together. Event on Saturday with Jason Alexander was a great afternoon. Glad it’s over — a lot of work.


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