Foreword Reviews’ 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Winner
Gold, Humor (Adult Fiction)
Foreword Reviews’ 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Winner
Bronze, General (Adult Fiction)

An honor to be acknowledged by the folks at ForeWord.  As you might imagine, perhaps the greatest challenge for anyone in the creative arts these days is making sure people know about the work.  Readers, moviegoers, music fans, TV binge watchers — we’re all busy, with so many choices as to how to spend our free time.  So it’s gratifying (and helpful regarding sales) when critics and friends respond positively to the material.  In that spirit, I would like to invite anyone who’s read and enjoyed Cascade Falls to WRITE A REVIEW on Amazon or GoodReads or both (you can copy and paste).  Just click the links and you’re good to go!   I (and my publisher) would be most appreciative.  And for those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to take a look?  It’s a fun summer read.

Wishing you a wonderful summer, full of many great books.



BethrecordingThere’s that expression: “Wherever you go, there you are.”  I’m not completely sure how it applies here, but I’ll figure it out eventually.  It was a true thrill to record the Cascade Falls audiobook, a testament to the talents of world class actress, Beth Broderick.  (As many of you know, I also had the good fortune to work with Jason Alexander on my first audiobook, Elevating Overman.) Yet as wonderful as both of these experiences were, there were instances throughout the process where I received icy stares through the glass booth, followed by the sentiment, verbalized or not… “How do you expect anyone to say this line?”  Full disclosure: I didn’t.  I never even thought about it. That was my TV life.  One of the reasons I started writing novels was to be able to play with language; invent prose that was lean or fanciful as the scene dictated. Never once did I think about someone having to read it aloud.  Should I have thought of it?  I’m not sure.  The difficult passages weren’t dialogue, but description — the novelist’s bread and butter.  Part of me felt guilty that it might take seven takes to get a line right, but then, after we nailed it, the guilt started to disappear.  After all, this was my creation. The actors just have to understand that.  And yet… I find myself wondering if having watched them struggle with complex phrasing will make me change the way I write in the future. Will I subconsciously simplify in the interest of making my words more pronounceable? Or will I continue to elucidate and expostulate in the effulgent manner to which I have grown accustomed?  Your guess is as good as mine.


CF Cover

The predominant characteristic of the pub date is that it’s “soft.”  A potentially bothersome quality on other sorts of dates, but in this case, it meant that the release of Cascade Falls was scheduled for March 17th, then suddenly got changed to April 7th.

What’s a writer to do?  You’re all gussied up for your date and suddenly it gets postponed for three weeks.  Now, I admit, that also happened to me with Tiffany Gluck from Akron, Ohio, but this date proved to be even more annoying. On the morning of March 19th, I sat at the computer in t-shirt and gym shorts, studying the box scores (as I planned to do for the next three weeks), when, just for the heck of it, I opened another window to check my Amazon page. Lo and behold, my date had arrived — with zero warning.

I went into shock. The moment was here and I had no plans.  I mean, it wasn’t as if I was going to take my date to see Jersey Boys or anything, but the way the news appeared seemed beyond anti-climactic.  I called a few friends to share my soft release dilemma. One said: “I’m on the other line with AT&T, and I pre-ordered the book three weeks ago. Do you need me to call you back?”  Another barked: “I’m going to your booksigning before my copy arrives.  Are you pressuring me to buy ANOTHER book?”

At least Tiffany Gluck was a happy drunk. This was rapidly becoming the true date from hell.  What could I do to save it?  Finally, it hit me. The only way out was to head to an actual pub.  Down so much Guinness, you forget you ever wrote a book.  So I grabbed the wife and off we went. Polished off one or six, then the Shepherd’s Pie arrived, slathered with a generous topping of mashed potatoes.  And how were those potatoes? you ask.  Ironically, they were “soft.”  But very good.  Pub date, a success.

As far as Cascade Falls — it’s now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Or if you have a local indie bookstore, get it there.  We’ve got to keep these folks in business.  Really excited about this novel, and anxious to talk with all of you after you finish!





Many yearCascadeFallss in the making, CASCADE FALLS is finally published and ready for you to read.  I hope to see lots of you at my various book tour stops, but for those I miss, there’s that internet thingie where you can buy stuff — Amazon is taking orders now for March 23, and Barnes & Noble lists a shipping date of April 7th (but it will probably be sooner).  Better yet, if you have a local indie bookstore, get it there.  We’ve got to keep these folks in business!  Really excited about this novel, and anxious to talk with all of you after you finish.

All best,