The Bruce Ferber Business

Back in the day, when studios or networks wanted to lure someone they perceived to be a “hot” television writer, they’d look at you with a straight face and say things like “We want to be in the Bruce Ferber business.” Once, when a deal I had was about to be renewed, my agent called to proudly inform me: “They’re already in bed with you. Now they want to get you pregnant.”

Is it any wonder I turned to writing books? After twenty-plus years writing and producing television comedy (most of them positive), I branched out into fiction, penning the novels “Elevating Overman” and “Cascade Falls.” They’re not detective stories. They’re not Victorian romances. They’re about real people trying to negotiate a world capable of producing someone like Ted Cruz. Relax. He’s not in these books. Just code for all that we’re up against.

My forthcoming book represents an affectionate return to where I started. As editor of the non-fiction anthology, “The Way We Work: On The Job in Hollywood,” I’ve culled 41 contributors from all aspects of the entertainment business to recount their individual tales from the job site. These unique mini-memoirs make for reading that is alternately hilarious, sobering, and downright inspiring. Coming July 2019 from Rare Bird Books.

And for those following with a scorecard… I never did get pregnant.

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Excited to announce that my non-fiction anthology, THE WAY WE WORK: ON THE JOB IN HOLLYWOOD, will be published by Rare Bird Books, July 2019. Tales from above and below the line by JJ Abrams, Robert Towne, and many, many more. Culling these fantastic stories was a true labor of love, and I look forward to sharing the adventure with all of you. Will update with details as it all unfolds…