The smartest Hollywood aspirants know that they stand on the shoulders of giants: the innovators, the game-changers, and the visionaries who, by thinking outside the box, managed to turn industry into art.

Occasionally, through perseverance and a little bit of luck, a newbie can find him or herself working alongside a Hollywood icon. One day you’re glued to the TV in your parents’ living room watching I Love Lucy, the next, Lucille Ball is complimenting you on your comic instincts. Martin Scorsese was your film school’s most celebrated alumnus, now he’s dissecting classic cinema for you between takes.

These were the extraordinary experiences of future writer-producer, Billy Van Zandt, and future literary agent, Nancy Nigrosh. The essays “I Stalk Lucy,” and “Master Class on Mulberry Street” document not only their hunger to learn from the greats, but the greats’ generosity in mentoring them. Discover how lives were forever changed in THE WAY WE WORK: ON THE JOB IN HOLLYWOOD.

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