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Welcome to the Bruce Ferber website, home to all things Bruce Ferber.  A lot has happened since the 1st printing of Elevating Overman, not the least of which is the 2nd printing of Elevating Overman. After touring with the novel for a year, it was picked up by Rare Bird Books for a new edition, featuring an introduction by who else? Bruce Ferber.  Coming soon — the audiobook version, read by the hilarious and amazingly talented Jason Alexander.  Word on the street is that it’s an Audible Holiday Pick for 2014, so it probably should be very soon. Overman has also been adapted for the big screen — will keep you updated as that develops…

Lastly, the new novel, Cascade Falls is coming in March 2015.  Look for a really cool book trailer, also coming soon…

What exactly is Elevating Overman?

This hilarious and painful tale of redemption follows the journey of Ira Overman, veteran of multiple botched careers and a singularly botched marriage, as he makes one last attempt to rise above the guilt, weakness, and self-hatred that have been hard-wired into his soul since birth. Through an unlikely side effect from an otherwise routine surgery, Overman finds himself revisiting and confronting the uniformly poor choices of his past, and making sense of a world he has never known how to negotiate.  Ultimately, Elevating Overman speaks to us about righting some of our wrongs, letting others go, and most importantly, gaining a small yet significant insight into a life that matters.

Elevating Overman is about a middle-aged Jewish guy who gets a second chance in life.  It is what he does with this second chance that “elevates” Overman.  Now unlike Ira Overman, I am a Gentile. But like Ira Overman, I was given the gift of a second chance and elevate me, it did! My second chance in life gave me the opportunity to befriend the author.  Bruce Ferber was our head writer on Home Improvement, and he is a very clever, insightful and funny fellow indeed.  That alone gives me the confidence to say, “Congratulations Bruce– you’ve done it again.”

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